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Pauline graduated from Portland State University and has an Oregon elementary teaching certificate. She has owned and operated Little Pandas Preschool since 1995. She has worked as a child care mentor with the Oregon Center for Career Development in Childhood Care and Education at PSU. She voluteered for two years as facilitator for the NE chapter of Provider's Resource Organization. Other experiences working with children include substitute teaching in grades K-8, directing and teaching Sunday school programs, and coaching baton twirling to preschool through college age athletes. She is a parent to three internationally adopted children from Korea and China. Continuing education is a high priority for Pauline as she believes it directly benefits the children enrolled in Little Pandas Preschool. Pauline
Amber is the certified provider and lead teacher in the preschool home. Amber grew up with the daycare business and has been working as an assistant teacher and the music teacher in both homes since 2007. Amber is very passionate about music and is an accomplished classical pianist as well as a certified Musikgarten instructor. She is also a member of the Danda Marimba Band. In addition to music Amber enjoys aikido. Amber
Shao is also one of our Chinese teachers. Before coming to the US in 1997 Shao lived in Guangdong province, PRC where she was a nurse. Her previous experience with children includes the Chinese teacher position with Little Pandas Preschool for nearly three years. Shao has two children, a son in high school and a daughter in elementary school. Shao
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Carol Carol

Staff Ratios

Little Pandas Preschool is certified to care for 12 children at any given time, and Panda Babies is certified for 16. Some children are enrolled full time and others part time. This means that the enrollment varies from day to day and the ratios change accordingly. Employees are scheduled to work based on the ratios required by the Child Care Division. Many days we exceed the staff requirements in order to provide the best care possible for your child. You will find that there is always someone available when an extra hand is needed or to play with and comfort a child. The staff to child ratios set by the Child Care Division are as follows:

1:10 all children are 24 months+
1:8 1 child under 24 months
1:7 2 children under 24 months
1:6 3 children under 24 months
1:4 4 children under 24 months

Hours: 7:30-5:30 Monday through Friday

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