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Little Pandas Preschool operates two Oregon State Certified Family Child Care Homes. For more info visit our site here. Education
One of the goals of Little Pandas Preschool is to prepare children for the next step of their educational journey. Children are read to daily and have a large library available to them at all times. While it is important for children to be read to at preschool it is just as important that reading happens at home. There are many benefits to reading at home as shown in the following article: read more...

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Host an Exhange Student!
The Laurasian Institution is looking for volunteer families to host students from China, Korea, Japan and Thailand for the upcoming academic school year. Students arrive in August and attend an orientation in Seattle before flying to their respective communities to meet their new families. Students return to their home countries a week after school ends.

There are many students who are looking forward to living with an American family and experiencing American culture. Host families commit to providing room and board, transportation to school (most students walk or take the bus), and most importantly welcome their new student as a member of the family.
Foreign Language
We're very passionate about foreign language and believe that children should begin learning a second language as infants. Our family has hosted 11 full year exchange students from Europe and Asia. We've seen the results of teaching children a second or even a third language at a young age. Our exchange students have come to us fluent in at least two and some three or more languages. Parents can find language resources and ideas here.
Little Pandas Preschool has moved its blog to Wordpress! Wordpress offers nicer layouts with many more options, and it now matches our webpage. I still have much to learn about Wordpress, but in the long run all the new features will be worth it. The blog is a great place for parents to see what their children are learning at preschool, so if you haven't already joined us please do so. Wordpress offers an email subscription to the blog. The blog can be accessed at Little Pandas Preschool Blog. .
Student Profiles
These students are eagerly awaiting a placement with an American family and looking forward to the next school year:

Chia-Hsian is a 17 year old girl from China in the 11th grade who goes by the nickname Maxine. Described by her friends as humorous and reliable, Chia-Hsin is a soft-spoken and sporty young lady who is all about basketball. Born in Taiwan, Chia-Hsin and her family moved to China when she was ten years old. She has adjusted well to her new environment and enjoys spending time with friends. Chia-Hsin’s resilience and independence should serve her well in transitioning to life in the United States!
Cerebral Palsy
I recently was informed about a website providing information about cerebral palsy. While cerebral palsy has not affected anyone in my own life, I remember reading books about people with it when I was a child. The cerebral palsy symptoms site provides much needed information for the public and for families just beginning their search for good resources.
Become a virtual mentor to a teen in South Africa through Infinite Family. read more...

Infinite Family's Website
Shilikun is a 17 year old girl from Thailand in the 11th grade who goes by the nickname Meaw. She is a friendly, responsible, and easygoing student who enjoys a range of cultural, academic, and athletic activities. Born to two Chinese parents in Thailand, Shilikun is bilingual in Thai and Chinese. She is eager to share Thai cuisine with her hosts!

For more information about the Laurasian Institution or about our students send an email to Pauline.

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